Copy Cut – Concept Art

Copy Cut Graphic Researches

My researches for the backgrounds of Copy Cut, an animated series that I have written and drawn with Ludivine Marques-Verissimo and produced by Normaal animation. Copy cut team is a teenage group of cosplayers who travels around the world, driven by Babouze, the vintage Grandma and her vintage SupaVan. This art work is dated as of 2008, before the pilot directed by Zebe. I was lead Background designer / Layout artist on this pilot.

Copy Cut Graphic Development

After the pilot, we decided to simplify the design. Story has improved too : Copy Cut cosplayers travel around the world and meet local people and find solutions for problems with their costume !

Copy Cut Animated Series

My work on the animated series Copy Cut directed by Pierre Volto and produced by Normaal animation. With Ludivine Marques-Verissimo, we were Authors and Artistic Directors on this project. I was also Lead Background design and with my team  (Alessia Cordini, Charlène Tong, Arthur Milleville, Long Ngo, Simon Lacalmontie ), we created all backgrounds and moods. Copy Cut travel around the world, so many countries to explore ! Here are some places we’ve visited with them.
Here are some episodes to see :

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